I am Here

Assalamualaikum and Hye. 🙂

I am newer and today my first posted :). I dont believe that I reaching here. Frankly speaking, that I am blogspot user before. Then, when many people know my url, know me and i cant express my mad, my happiness, my life and so whatever then i decided to make a new one laa. Lol ! So yeayhh ! In case u are wondering. ^_^.

From here i write up, when someone not listening u *maybe and not all u will story with ur friends. Isnt me right ? ==” I think u write up here isnt such a bad thing at all. Of course. U are not probably not to use ur air mata  *tears to express ur emotional feel. lol. Not that such thing. When u mad for instance u not throw all ur things. It waste ur money der. 😀 it’s enough u type up with speedy then i guarantee all ur words with the vows. ==” So yeayhh. And sometime u write whatever u learnt and let like u all read. That’s all.

So, waiting yaa my writing. Gimme five and bye !


Little Girl


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