Tomorrow Saturday! Yay

Assalamualaikum and hye 😀

We meet up again 😀


Malaysia time but half an hour late, now around 11.02pm. Hello from Adele. HAHAH

Fyi, tommorow 31st October AFC Finale. That my JDT so yeayhh JDT was reckoned against Istiklol *I dont how to pronounce it more and less laa. 

Hoyeayh ! Tomorrow is saturday. As the student its heaven! 😉 Do u know where my heart is ? Of course my fave, bed. Haha! Niceee ~~ it just day dreaming.. blerghhh

Today, tomorrow- tomorrow.. i planning

  1. Assignment
  2. Dating with assignment
  3. Assignment again
  4. and again

😦 As long as Imma student thats my duty. Pheww~

because my campus infront with the beach so here i am


next, i will post with too lengthy okay ! lol. i escaping my time. See u and daaa 😀


Little Girl


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