Assalamualaikum and hye earthling.

😀 Long time no see yaa. This week and today mostly my assignment submitted. Yay! Got 1 group assignment, Advance Econometric submit in the next week. Anyway, thanks God ease me. Cuma I feel like huhu when next Wednesday my project paper presentation. Nervous giler ~ Financial Risk Management. In Shaa Allah. I WILL DO MY BEST.

My lecturer told me in the class that u cannot get the something perfect in the world. Yaa~ I believe.  For instance, u are good in academics tak semestinya u are good in sport. U are the beauty but you family are not happy.Teruk my examples. 😀 And many more example. And there is no reason u to down.

However, I appreciate what I have. Alhamdullilah. But when someone else ask me about you want to change your personality? ” I am who I am. I appreciate what I have.” SIMPLE. Don’t expect me can in with everyone and totally change myself. Dont expect me more. I don’t care if someone leave me but I care  when im gettin old I kecewa pada diri I sendiri cause i make a big mistake when im young, my late daddy disappointed with me, my mum hate me..Between u and my family and I choose the one I know more. Family of course.

Sometime u should let go the person that down u, make u hanging. Make ur life chaos. Sakit hati. Want change u to bad 100%. Oh pleasee~ Sacrifice small number of people to gain a lot of happiness. Haha! Thats utilitarian babe.

When I growing up haha I quite know, quite laa either someone appreciate me, supporting and so whatever. Hurm.



” Penat tau hati nih bila kita makin kenal ramai orang”. Meagre satisfy, heart wound.

Ok see yaa on the next entry. Assalamualaikum and bye.

p/s: Dua it can help to overcome, to outlast anything, to accomplish what u could not accomplish on ur own. 🙂


Little Girl

Im no one.



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