My sad story

Assalamualaikum and hye.

I’m a girl wasn’t having everything. But I have a mummy, family and beloved friends. πŸ™‚

I grew up in a small town in Johor. My life is thoroughly astonishing in light of the fact that amazing parent. I have my mummy and daddy, that’s so lovely. They continually putting me up.

My family more to education oriented. When secondary school, I stayed in a hostel. 7 years start I form 1 till upper six. Consequently, where I am studying now. I should take flight and always homesick. Haha~I macam budak-budak yang tak pernah jauh dari family.Kalau jauh sikit nangis. I quite family person. Always need my mum embrace me, and anything before I go to somewhere I must request permission from them. When my friends told me ” Tak payah laa ask ur mum” . I rather to answer ” Tak boleh laa. Nanti kalau ape-ape jadi macam mana. Takut laa”. Kira macam kalau ape-ape mesti mintak permission family. I still like a child. Oh man~

But when I upper six, my life totally different. On 14th April 2012,1.00 pm my dad passed away. 😦 During that time, on Saturday morning my school got Curriculum Day. Then when I got call from my sister, hati rasa macam lain sangat. Its too different. My sister ask me to go the hospital. Dismal day.

I LATE. I LATE 5 MINUTES. I saw my uncles, aunties, close relatives in the hallway. In my daddy’s bed, I saw my dad sleep. Sleep tightly. I am not crying but my heart its too hurt. Its too hurt and badly sad. Following 10 minutes, after I recite Al-Quran i’m crying. I kiss my daddy head, cold. I rather not talk more. Hurm. But that night, I hugged my mum and crying, crying and crying. I will never forget that day.

You know, 2 weeks before my dad passed away. I visit my dad in hospital. I’m a daddy’s girl. I ask him not to leave me. I fear that my daddy will leave me. Very. And the first time I say my daddy cried and embrace me. He told me ” Everything will be okay”. For me ” No its not okay daddy. Totally not okay”. And now you leave me even its hurt, but I know He love you more. 😦 My daddy is my king forever. In shaa Allah.

Till then, wassalam and see u yaa.

Little Girl.


4 thoughts on “My sad story

  1. Your daddy is in a better place little girl. Don’t be sad. He will always see you and your family from above. So try to be strong and happy because it will make him strong and happy. πŸ™‚


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