Assalamualaikum and hye 🙂


I’m final year student for Bachelor International Financial Economics. Hectic year with final year presentation (FYP) and road to internship next semester. In Shaa Allah, and many more stuff should settle up. The topic for FYP  I still befuddle. I can’t do it. I’ve been little down recently. I’m just too tired. 😦 I tell u that I’m chronic fatigue tired. Why why I taking this course? Huhu. But cant easily give up. By the way, for internship I already decide. It is possible that I intership in Petaling Jaya, KL or JB. Alright that one settle.

Some of my course mate. 

By the way, its very difficult to explain to someone who thinks ” I look normal”, ” I entirely quick complete an assigment” ” Done tutorials” or doesnt understand how my life it is. With brimming with desire from others. Conflict in group assignment. It still happen even I’m final year. Pusing-pusing kepala dapat perangai that you should meet up and adapt. It is trial for me. Husnudzon. It got me thinking that everybody confronting the same thing as an student and why would it be advisable for me to murmuring?. That matter can settle what. 😀 I believe.

Furthermore, amid as last year student, my bestfriend and I decided make a small business. Selling tudung, nasi lemak. Haha !  I am entirely not a sparing person. Veryyy~. Likely, my pay proclamation dependably outpouring. :)hehe.  Even my family give some allowances but I decided to jual nasi lemak and so wateva. I gain experience in the same time. But, every time after we run the business and calculate the profits. We will get exceed money.We were just wondering giler. Happening to us. Frankly speaking,  it is to simple give back the parity to our customer. Since our nasi lemak an affordable price. It just RM2.50. Weird right? What’s more, clients definitely know our present cost. Also, we concluded that we dont utilize that cash. – Its not our right. We dont know from where. 😀

Nasi lemak from my friend and I. hehe 🙂


Till then, wasallam and bye.


Little Girl









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