Assalamualaikum and hye 😀

When we are talking about the heart, must be the radius on unremitting pressure on the keyboard. Why? Because everything that related to your heart is a widen perspective. Where is in your heart is that the place has joyous, sometimes it’s sad. Sometimes there is quite peaceful and sometimes there is restlessness. 😦 Hate, frustrated and more in one heart.

Small in size but the huge role. And ur heart form u either u are ugly one or beautiful, charming or so wateva.

Therefore, protect your heart, excite the heart.

When ur heart in joy, do not let it default forgetfulness.

When ur heart grief, do not let it alone.

When ur life and heart with bliss, teach them to be grateful.

When ur heart bombarded with trouble, teach them to be patient.

When ur in heart in happiness, tell then it is not sustainable.

When ur heart in misery, tell them it is not prolonged.

If ur heart in love, give it to the One.

And when ur heart in hatred, throw it.

Hurm. But I forget to do all that things. 😥 Sometimes I feel that no one can believe. Is actually wrong. Is absolutely wrong. Because we are too hanging with other people and I forget Him, that’s why we feel lonely, sad..

My mood swing habis because I really miss my mum. Ohh yaa. Yesterday morning, my lecturer passed away cause blood cancer. ” Life is struggle, there is no life without a struggle”. He’s a cancer fighter. Very… Alhamdullilah, my friends and I dapat melihat wajah yang terlalu baik untuk kali terakhir. Allah permudahkan segalanya.

Assalamualaikum and bye.

Don’t be sad. Strong.

Little Girl.


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