Assalamualaikum and hye.

Today we are celebrated AIDS Day. 10K step, talks and kind of booth.

For talk session, our panels by Specialist from a government hospital. I still make a comparison ” Dr Beni I lagi handsome than this doctor”. Haha. My close friends know that I adore kat Dr Beni nih. So I got a lot of questions such as;

“Are u seriously admire to that person?” My answer is ” Yes, I am “

“Ur mum will angry with u?” My answer is ” No, I have already talked to my mum and she’s okay.”

” But umur dia dengan awak very different gap?” My answer ” No, It doesn’t matter. Sedangkan yang da tua belum tentu jodoh dia daa lahir :D”

” Dia dah kahwin?” My answer ” Nope. Dia duda”

and many more. Haha. I knew that they take care of me.

By the way, Dr Beni tweeted something he’s not feeling well two days ago if i not mixed up. But he’s not like my tweet. Geram giler. Hishh. Macam nak tumbuk je muka dia tuh. But sudden I realized it’s not turn to the red one. I admire macam mana sekali pun is not become a real one. Nak jumpa pun susah nak menjadi kenyataan.  Okay enough. Seriously doctor nih ramai peminat.

Ok back to my title overall that program just nice. Even we are not taking medical course, not really jargon term they speak out. And Q&A session pun best. A lot of questions and my question to them

” If a particular person go to the hospital or clinic, but the result showed that she/he doesn’t have HIV. But tup tup u in the final stage. Is there any cases like that?”

He talks more about window period.

haha. about the answer no wonder laa I’m taking International Financial Economics. 😀


Then yesterday, my uncle admitted to the hospital and he condition 50/50. High blood pressure. I hope everything will be okay. In shaa Allah. 😥

Till then,

Assalamualaikum and bye.

Little Girl


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