Someone like him

Assalamualaikum and hye.

For your information, I loving someone 7 years ago and I waiting him for so long. 7 years ago for me long enough to me endure. I dont know and what reason I love him so much. And he doesn’t like me one. First thing first, I thought that a greatest weakness that I did. Thus, I forgeting him. But, actually No. My heart totally hurt but I learnt from that. I learnt not everything we will own. Chills.

7 years ago I tried approach him with many ways.. It’s a bit complicated. Haha!. When I try to forget him and he will appear in my dream. But at least I try.

I’m still trying. Wish me luck.

Because I’m nobody and u are somebody.

1 (2)


I still hope someone like him.

Till then.





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